Will your generator back you up during bad weather? You don’t want to risk finding out the wrong answer during a severe thunderstorm.

We recommend that you be proactive and prepare for severe storm season in advance. Our generators perform an automatic weekly self-test that can be described as an idle or unloaded mode. If you already own a Generac generator, we encourage you to manually perform a full system test.

How to Perform a Full System Test
Performing a full system test should occur every season. This simple test only takes 10-20 minutes and requires the following steps:

  1. Switch off the service disconnect (circuit breaker) supplying the automatic transfer switch (ATS) or transfer switch.
  2. The generator will start after a 10 second delay.
  3. Once operating, it will connect your home circuits to the generator.
  4. Switch the service disconnect to “On” when you wish to end the test.
  5. After a 15 second delay, the ATS will switch back to Utility (ComEd) power. The generator will continue to run for 60 seconds to cool-down, and then shut off automatically.

Testing your generator on a regular basis is highly recommended. Your family and your home will reap the benefits of having a severe weather preparedness plan in place. And you’ll weather the storm in confidence!
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