Having a backup generator for power during a utility outage is essential for your business. A standby generator can help to keep the lights on and electrical equipment up and running. You can help to protect your business by making sure that your generator is safe from damage and is maintained so that it can function properly during and after the storm.

If there is a threat of a strong storm or natural disaster, it is important to protect it from flooding and water damage. Standby generators that are located in the basement and ground-floor levels may be at risk for failure if there is a flood because of the rising water. If your business is located in an area that floods easily, it is also recommended to make sure that the generator set and its control systems are elevated above the highest expected flood level.

Your generator should be kept dry. We can help you keep your business’ generator safe and protected during a flood. Here are some of our recommendations:

  1. Prevent ground water from rainstorms and flooding from submersing your generator and causing damage. When ground water is a threat, use plastic sheeting and sand bags to create a water barrier. A small sump pump with an integral float switch can be used to remove water from the containment area surrounding your generator.
  2. When flooding is a real concern, we can elevate the generator above grade to minimize the threat of water damage.
  3. When uncontrolled ground water rises above the black base frame of your generator; place generator in the “off” mode to prevent operation while submersed. Water entering the alternator section can cause significant damage.