Did you know that a generator’s required maintenance is the replacement of the engine oil, oil filter and a complete tune-up at every 200 hours or 2 years, (or whichever occurs first)? Staying on top of your generator’s maintenance can help you prepare for power outages and guarantee a longer operating life span.

Here are some essential requirements to remember about your maintenance plan.

It’s important to change your standby generator’s oil on a regular basis. To perform an oil change, empty the old oil and replace it with 2 quarts of new oil (don’t forget to replace your old, dirty oil filter). We use a full-synthetic, 5W-30, All-Season automotive oil for all Generac generators we service. Generac recommends checking the oil level monthly and every 24 hours of continuous operation.

Spark Plugs

It’s time to change out your old spark plugs for new ones after a year of use. Installing the new spark plugs can ensure that your generator runs smoothly.
Air Filter
Replacing the air filter is a really easy step in your generator maintenance plan. A new air filter will help your generator perform at full capacity during the next power outage.


*ASNE recommends the following checklist to help homeowners maintain their standby generators:

Weekly Maintenance

  • Run the generator (typically no-load, automatic transfer switch exercise cycle).
  • Verify that the unit ran and has no alarms or warnings.
  • Ensure adequate fuel levels.
  • Ensure that the generator is in “Auto” mode.
  • Check that the circuit breaker is closed.
  • Make sure there are no fluid leaks.

Monthly Maintenance

  • Check engine coolant level.
  • Check engine oil level.
  • Check the battery charger.

Bi-Annual Maintenance 

  • Inspect the enclosure.
  • Check the battery electrolyte level and specific gravity.
  • Check battery cables and connections.
  • Inspect drive belts.
  • Inspect the coolant heater.
  • Check coolant lines and connections.
  • Check for oil leaks and inspect lubrication system hoses and connectors.
  • Check for fuel leaks and inspect fuel system hoses and connectors.
  • Inspect the exhaust system, muffler and exhaust pipe.
  • Check and clean air cleaner units.
  • Inspect air induction piping and connections.
  • Inspect the DC electrical system, control panel and accessories.
  • Inspect the AC wiring and accessories.

Annual Maintenance 

  • Change oil and filter.
  • Change the fuel filter.
  • Change the air filter.
  • Clean the crankcase breather.
  • Change spark plugs.
  • Check coolant concentration.
  • Flush the cooling system (as needed).
  • Perform load bank testing.
  • Fuel testing & reconditioning (diesel-fueled units only).
  • Remove water from fuel tank (diesel-fueled units only)

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*This checklist was retrieved from http://www.asne.com/standby-generator-maintenance-prepared-power-outages/