Years of Great Service and Reasonable Charges

I bought a Generac power generator 5 years ago after my full basement flooded causing over 50k in damages and repair. The dealer recommended Saturn for annual service and boy am I glad. The specialize in doing maintenance, repairs and upgrades for these natural gas generators that will power my house whenever power is interrupted. After years of great service and reasonable charges, Ryan just earned a rare 5 star review. I thought I just needed an oil and filter change and brief checkup, but unknown to me, the generator had gone dead some time ago in early summer. Apparently the battery died without warning so I was vulnerable. Ryan detected the issue, replaced with a new battery and recommended acrankcase heater accessory to keep the oil and battery warm and ready
all year. I researched this solution with the dealer and they agreed completely. Ryan got right out and installed this heater as soon as it was in stock and couldn’t have been more reasonable. My home is protected, Ryan is trustworthy and reliable and I’m now signing up for their annual protection plan. This is the best insurance one can get to protect their most valuable asset, their home. Thanks again.

Jeffrey W.